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 One Piece Chapter 705 (New arc Introduction impressions)

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PostSubject: One Piece Chapter 705 (New arc Introduction impressions)   Tue Apr 16, 2013 1:44 pm

Now, having read the previous chapter and this one multiple times to just soak in the information, I just have to say that this arc might be huge! A lot of new characters are introduced and they are not meant to be taken lightly.

First of all, the blind samurai was indeed ADMIRAL Fujitora, SHOCKING I KNOW RIGHT? Though he seems to care more about the people he needs to protect than capturing the enemies. This of course differs from the "Absolute Justice" Fleet Admiral Akainu Bitch follows, and to think he sent Fujitaru to handle things there and not let Luffy and Law's alliance do as they please in Dressrosa, I feel there is more to this man than we currently know.

We then see a new figure talking to a Den Den Mushi to one of the marines in the audience of the Colosseum,Capman aka Vice Admiral Maynard the Pursuer, and is apparently based of Robert Maynard who is famously known to have beaten Blackbeard in a battle. Well this Capman gets noticed by one of Bartolomeo's men, Gambia. Capman takes care of him off panel and throws him in the garbage dump, and proceeds as planned towards the battle royal for block B of the tournament, like a boss.

I love how Oda changes to different groups of the Straw Hat\Law alliance shattered around Dressroa in so called "Scenes" in the panels, and in Scene 2 we see Law's exchange group chilling in the cafè asking about the Green Bit of Dressrosa, Law with a mustache and sunglasses looking totally badass as always and, then a new group characters are introduced, CP Aigis. Damn another branch of Cipher Pols. Though these guys are known collect intelligence in the world of One Piece and their name Aigis could also be affiliated with the shield that was used by Zeus. Aegis. Which could mean that their skills or ability might have to do with defending\Shielding or something similar. Though at this point they are still a mystery as CP are meant to be and like Robin and Law said, their presence is nothing but trouble. Another thing that is worth mentioning, is that the guy in the middle could be the person who scolded Doflamingo after the War with the Whitebeard for letting Moria escape. Though this isn't much to go after, but this could be a possibility.

Zoro got his sword and apparently got a glimpse of this mystery fairy. From seeing from the panel, they must be really tiny. Looking forward to see more of this coming chapters definitely, and hopefully Zoro won't get too far away from the rest. Sanji is on an adventure on his own filled by love, and I have a feeling that won't last much longer when all the seriousness of this arc starts to begin. Kin was taken away by Doflamingo's people, of course due to his failure to disguise himself and thanks to his knot revealing him.

The group protecting the Thousand Sunny...they are just playing "Emperor" and Nami drops the shirt yet again, and something is making a ruckus inside of the ship, maybe another fairy got in the ship, or maybe one of the children from Punk Hazard managed to sneak inside the ship or some Monet fanboys are saying that she is still alive and kicking in the TS. Mainly cause of one panel from one of the earlier chapter prior to Dressrosa.

Well at the end of the chapter, we finally see a figure of Bartolomeo getting ready for the B block battle, and further we see Capman aka Maynard off-paneled and thrown in the dumpster where his subordinate was first thrown by Capman for having noticing him talking to someone outside of the dressing room. Bartolomeo is trouble as shown and one could wonder if this guy is also affilated by the same guy who Portgas D. Ace is based off, Bartolomeu Português. He could also be the same person who was following the Punk Hazard broadcast some time back. This arc is going to be huge, and the Colosseum isn't even the main attraction anymore!

There is also some theories of what Law's plan in all this is, and one that I personally like is that Law is pulling off the classic maneuver. He is going to leave Ceasar at the Green Bit and let the Doflamingo himself come and get him, but before that he will be gone, and the Navy will be there at the same times as Dofla is there, making a battle with Dofla and Navy be inevitable. By this he can roam around the Dressrosa without having to worry about the Navy and Dofla as he continues his plan to destroy the Smile factory. Though his plan is good and all, I feel at something big will go wrong at one point and someone is going to pay for it. This is One Piece after all, not everything goes according to the Keikaku.

When it comes to the Colosseum, this is what we know so far. These are possible winners.

Block A: Jesus Burgess (Winner)
Block B: Bartolomeo, Capman (Beaten to pulp and thrown into the garbage) and Cavendish
Block C: Luffy (Bellammy might be in this block as well, though for the only purpose of getting one shot by Luffy somewhere.)
Block D: Rebecca

This arc as mentioned is going to be huge and each chapter has been really good so far, and I hope we can continue with the story soon and be done with the introductions. We have gotten a fair shares of noteable figures in this arc so far.
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PostSubject: Re: One Piece Chapter 705 (New arc Introduction impressions)   Thu Apr 18, 2013 1:04 am

Was a good chapter for sure...A bit messy but a lot happened. The only thing that bothered me was that he showed Bartolomeo only like a figure. Now this was either random or we have seen him sometime in the series.

Also liked Fujitora's sense of justice. There always has to be someone a bit more moderate admiral such as Aokiji.
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One Piece Chapter 705 (New arc Introduction impressions)
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