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 Who will be the Final Villain?

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PostSubject: Who will be the Final Villain?   Tue Sep 27, 2011 9:42 pm

In my opinion Itachi will clear Sasuke's head and we may have a Sasuke vs Itachi good fight.Coz the last one was while Itachi was sick and his eyes were in bad situation.Also I think that we will see Itachi vs Kabuto because the only way of stopping Edo Tensei is perform a Gennjutsu on the user and make him stop it.(Sasuke can also use genjutsu but Itachi said he will deal with Kabuto.) .

Now for the last villain...I think Madara has high possibility,but a lot people say that they get a feeling that Madara is not the final villain.
The reason why is that for nearly 300 chapter everyone was led to believe that orochimaru was the final villain but then Pein came in and shortly Tobi was introduced as Uchiha Madara.
Also it is said that the way kishi is involving kabuto in everything might be a hint that Kabuto might be the final villain.

I personnaly do not know..Ok the sure thing is Madara will lose in a lame way (like Pein did). Maybe there is a Sasuke and Naruto vs Madara, or Kabuto(if he beats Itachi) vs Sasuke (Sasuke revenge for his brother and Kabuto revenge for Orochimaru) and Madara vs Naruto or Kabuto vs Naruto (naruto revenge for Yamato? i dk xD) and Sasuke vs Madara (Sasuke wants revenge for being used by Madara).

Anyway... what is YOUR opinion????

P.S What do you think about Itachi vs the 6th coffin guy??? O_O xD
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Who will be the Final Villain?
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