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 Pokemon White Progress

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PostSubject: Pokemon White Progress   Fri Mar 02, 2012 9:36 pm

so yeah some of you know i started playing pokemon white and i just wanted to post my progress so far :D

i have just beaten the 5th gym leader and got my 5th badge and here is the pokemons i have as of now :D

1st badge: The Trio Badge

2nd badge: The Basic Badge

3rd badge: The Insect Badge

4th badge: The Bolt Badge

5th badge: The Quake Badge

My Current Team:

Lvl 39: Char

Lvl 36: Blast

lvl 35: Trap

Lvl 33: Lavi

Lvl 30: Drati

Lvl 30: Gon
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Pokemon White Progress
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