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 Japanese Movies [Join MissTitannia's Journey]

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PostSubject: Japanese Movies [Join MissTitannia's Journey]   Wed Jan 01, 2014 7:50 pm

Hello guys :D
thank you for reading this thread ^^ I made it so we can discuss japanese movies and also, because I wanna find some new japanese movies to watch. Everything except hentai/porn whatever xD

So the ones I watched are:
Battle Royale (even made my own trailer for it) - My rating 8-9/10

Shinobi: Heart Under the Blade (AKA Big screen time of "Basilisk" anime, AKA2 Dark side of Naruto and shinobi) - My Rating 9/10

Azumi & Azumi 2 (Very nice movie,There is no HD trailer so I'll also copy/paste plot) - My Rating 7/10

Azumi Description:

Death Note Movies 1 & 2 (actual plot with little changes) + 3rd - L Change The World (really enjoyed them all ^^) - I'd give 7-8/10

I also plan to watch The Girl Who Leaped Through Time (real life version) I heard its very good. :D

I personally think Japan has some really nice movies too not just anime so I hoped that we can share what we know.
So guys, if anyone of you watched another japanese movie and you liked it or you think someone else here would like it, please put the name and if you can, trailer :)


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PostSubject: Re: Japanese Movies [Join MissTitannia's Journey]   Wed Jan 01, 2014 10:49 pm

Really liked Death Note Movie 1 and 2. L change the world not so much. Dont really watch japanese movies but Battle royale has been recommended by a lot of my friends so thats next on the list.

Its not exactly japanese but it is oriental so I recommend:

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Japanese Movies [Join MissTitannia's Journey]
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