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 [MEP] 2baboolal5me [Happy Birthday Kyoroichi]

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PostSubject: [MEP] 2baboolal5me [Happy Birthday Kyoroichi]   Sun May 11, 2014 12:11 am

(thank you Rikudo)

Whoaaaaa, 6 minutes???

So.. Me and the the friends of Christian Baboolal wanted to make an MEP for his birthday but we couldn't agree on a song, that's how 2baboolal5me MEP came to be!!! Enjoy it everybody and happy birthday Chriss!!! (heart)

You don't need info for this lol

DDL: mega.co.nz #!XhYGlbiA!Jz39cgCFPuXi63OCIZwkUirpUsmnJ1JdafqVqgHD0CY


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PostSubject: Re: [MEP] 2baboolal5me [Happy Birthday Kyoroichi]   Sun May 11, 2014 10:46 am

Most parts due to the fact i was caught off guard were kinda disturbing for me,so successful i guess?Crookz nice take on the HxH take.Hbd birthday to chris.

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[MEP] 2baboolal5me [Happy Birthday Kyoroichi]
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