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 Ellines Nakama Productions Rules

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PostSubject: Ellines Nakama Productions Rules   Tue Sep 27, 2011 7:26 pm

Production rules updated *13/8/2016

1.You must put the name of the production on your profile and on the videos you make at least in the description
like this "Ellines Nakama Productions"

2.Inactivity for too long without a reason will cause your dismissal .
(inactivity in =forum/events/amvs etc)

3.Joining any other productions/teams/studios as long as you are in ENP are prohibited.
If you want to do so you will have to leave.Exception to this rule applies only to casual mep groups but be careful to take note of rule 5.

4.Toxicity and public hating will not be tolerated no matter who the target is while you are in our team .

5.This is a main studio so as long as you are with us we expect you to put us to be your highest priority in anything concerning amv making.

6.Activities outside the team that might hurt the team will result in penalties.
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Ellines Nakama Productions Rules
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