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 [Lilcrow & Redassaut] Memories

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PostSubject: [Lilcrow & Redassaut] Memories   Tue Aug 19, 2014 7:18 pm

Thanks Jima !

Helloo everyone! Today I present to you the beginning of a small series started with my bro Redassaut: P.
We planned to use only old animes that recall childhood or not, hence "Memories" blow the HD sources are prohibited!
Just in the first episode of this series:

It was really fun to use animes we had not seen for a long time (moment of nostalgia    ), we had fun during our rushes to revisit some scenes similar in signing my gif xD. The best thing was seeing the scenes from the anime of Red, it's damn tops XD all this on one of the OST of the game that I loved in my childhood   
In short! we are very happy with this collab and we look forward to making Memories 2 !!



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PostSubject: Re: [Lilcrow & Redassaut] Memories   Tue Aug 19, 2014 8:15 pm

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaayum the feels!!
I had to stop myself from doing inappropriate things when I saw beyblade in the video. Woohooo guys I am definitely not deleting this file so be proud because that's what I usually do if I don't reeaaaally like the video.

Now although the element of nostalgia was high, there were still some odd points that stood out. Starting with 1st things 1st. You need to keep in mind that an AMV needs to have a beginning - rising action - climax, and resolution. Just like every novel. AMVs make use of the same factors. Now its hard to follow all that in MEPs since the story and setting and everything else is probably going to switch with every part that comes, but the song still provides these factors.
Okay I'm taking too long to just tell you not to cut the intro music and start the video abruptly XD but I ended up explaining other things that you might want to know about :)

In general the video had decent flow, but there were some massive crashes that I would like to discuss. As I always say, flow is all about harmony between the clips. @ 0:02 (1st scene and 2nd scene) we've got 2 clips that are moving to the right. :O This is a great opportunity to achieve spectacular flow from the beginning! but Lolnope, add a zoom trololol xD the backwards motion does not contribute anything, it just crushed the flow and my heart alongside it :'( hehe just kidding, but really you need to consider the type of motion you're creating/combining.

Last point I have is sequences like @ 0:10 and 0:55. these fast movements are kind of meant to require the viewer's focus and concentration. However it becomes plain impossible to see anything when the camera on them is so overpowered. Go easy on the camera. Also another flaw in 0:55 is that the quick sequence with op camera ends abruptly with a static scene. that's a crash in flow right there so be careful.

Aside from these flaws I thought you guys did really good. The song's mood and hype fit really good with the concept you tried to convey. It gave me massive chills running down my spine so good job!

Aaaand i'm done.


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PostSubject: Re: [Lilcrow & Redassaut] Memories   Thu Aug 21, 2014 3:28 am

it was very nice ! You ve got to show what you wanted ! OUR MEMORIES  :D for an ACTION amv it was very good because you showed us
what we used to watch as  brats :P awesum congrats

Release The Madness !

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PostSubject: Re: [Lilcrow & Redassaut] Memories   

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[Lilcrow & Redassaut] Memories
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