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 KFS Beta Battle Tournament 2015

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PostSubject: KFS Beta Battle Tournament 2015   KFS Beta Battle Tournament 2015 Icon_minitimeMon Mar 16, 2015 2:39 pm

Video Description:
1) Tournament is OPEN for all; you don’t have to be a KFS member to participate in this event.
2) AMVs (AMV+MMV) only; no GMVs and other similar edits.
3) Each Round will last for about 10~14 days. You have to finish your video by this period.

Signup Deadline: April 02, 2015

Some words from yours truly:
Hello everyone! My other studio, KFamvStudio, is organising its annual Beta Battle Tournament (BBT) and everyone is welcome to join. From experience, it usually takes 4 or 5 rounds until a winner is decided, so the finals should be around early June for anyone with time issues.

The first rounds will be 1v1s with a certain theme (the stereotypical Action, Romance, etc) and the editors will be able to choose their songs from a pack that will be announced at the start of each round. After that, everyone must communicate with their opponent in order to pick a song that both find satisfying and then, the editing happens. Simply upload your awesome (40-60 second) video, post it as a video response (OPTIONAL: pray that you don't get a strike) and you are done. The final round will have the same format, but it actually is a battle royale featuring the finalists. Usually 5 people compete in the final and the rankings are announced after the judging is finished.

The tournament usually draws the attention of editors of every level, varying from beginners to pros. The sole purpose is having fun, so there are no materialistic, pleb rewards. Regardless, this tournie is my most active editing period of the year, so I will be joining this one as well. If you wanna fait me 1v1 with some questionable judging, then this is your chance.


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PostSubject: Re: KFS Beta Battle Tournament 2015   KFS Beta Battle Tournament 2015 Icon_minitimeMon Mar 16, 2015 10:16 pm

I joined, and I'm clearly the most hipster among hipsters.

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KFS Beta Battle Tournament 2015
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