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 Amv Footage?

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Void AMV


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PostSubject: Amv Footage?    Thu Jun 04, 2015 7:51 am

was just wondering where the best place to get raw anime is i can usually find it but was just wondering if there was an easier place to get it every time i search an anime in nyaa torrents everything has like 1 seeder is that normal for you guys to wait that long i seriously doubt it :D

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PostSubject: Re: Amv Footage?    Thu Jun 04, 2015 10:58 am

Well since this is technically considered stealing the anime one should be grateful to what is available. On nyaa you can sort your search to show the torrent with most seeds 1st, if you cant find anything good then, tough luck, and you can always buy the anime from sources like amazon, its not very cheap but yea, we don't have many options.


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Amv Footage?
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