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 Lightning Arrow - End Of Shinji

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Lightning Arrow


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PostSubject: Lightning Arrow - End Of Shinji   Mon Feb 15, 2016 9:15 pm

Author: Lightning Arrow
Production: ENP
AMV's name: End Of Shinji
Category: Horror/Psyche
Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Song: "Autobahnsong" -Desasterkids

Download link:
4:3 : sendspace.com wp6zht
16:9 : sendspace.com rqcu6c


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PostSubject: Re: Lightning Arrow - End Of Shinji   Mon Feb 15, 2016 9:38 pm

I will refrain from mentioning all that I included in the beta tests that were not executed, to avoid your public humiliation.

I will however point out how silly I found it that you did all that text in the beginning, hinting towards a deep concept, as well as the title that talks about Shinji dying, yet the climax of the video was just Shinji's pussy moments with twitch.
I do admit that the climax was intense, and it didn't look bad either, but the concept was in the gutter.
Last scene I found very lame and unfitting too.

As for praise, I did think that your editing technique has improved in this, and while the concept didn't quite work for you, you did try for a change, and that's a very important step. I also praise you for finally getting the "Video structure" done right. Although it is fairly easy to get a video with 3 phases done right, you are definitely moving in the right direction so keep at it.

I'll be waiting for more!


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PostSubject: Re: Lightning Arrow - End Of Shinji   Mon Feb 15, 2016 9:43 pm

- 0:13 the brushes arent optically eye pleasing could have done without them
- would have liked the texts to have more movement in them (except the text in the eye and the first couple of text at the start)
- 0:45 slide needed more blur
- 0:49  shockwave effects was really out of place and didnt fit the video
- 1:06-1:12 2muchtwitch4me
-  the scene(composition) at 1:14 was of a greater quality (i mean footage quality not how good it was lol) than everything else in the video
- somewhere in the 1:18 it seemed to me like you ignored the big beat
- somewhere in 1:24 the twitch made the scene have black bars lol
- 1:40 shake doesnt sync to anything
- and well ending was too sudden but not much you could do about that i guess
Now im pretty sure you are aware of many of my points but couldnt fix them cause of the limited time.
Overall it was a nice attempt which ofc could be better.
Good job and good luck with your next project!



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PostSubject: Re: Lightning Arrow - End Of Shinji   

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Lightning Arrow - End Of Shinji
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