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 [HakuRyuu] - Jigoku No Rakuyo (27/02/2017)

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PostSubject: [HakuRyuu] - Jigoku No Rakuyo (27/02/2017)   Mon Mar 06, 2017 1:01 pm

what's up folks , it's been really quite sometime since i uploaded something in here xDD
so here's my entry for the soul's team IC in this year
i decided to make an action vid about the yato clan from gintama for quite a while & i thought that this IC will be good enough to do it for , but due to the problem that i had with the packs i modified my plot a bit to make like everything happening in the same place ( Rakuyo Planet ) .
overall i have to admit that doing this vid within 3 days was really hard since it's been quite a long time since i rendered something for an IC so it needs a bit more of work @ some points xD but well :p it's been a pleasure to me working with my teammates for this IC & coorporate with them for it , besides that i've got a huge project that still ongoing & that i really wish to make it pretty well executed ^^ so i hope u guys enjoyed watching this vid ^^
Music : Dangerkids - Kill Everything / Undead Corporation - Yoru naku usagi wa yume wo miru
Anime : Gintama
DDL : https://mega.nz/#!4JISjCjB!ENv7QPmts16tnAirF2JNN-V7qvsmhjWeBn6cz9_-KKw
Team : Exsilium Team

Thnx Oxide :D

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PostSubject: Re: [HakuRyuu] - Jigoku No Rakuyo (27/02/2017)   Mon Mar 06, 2017 6:52 pm

Not bad, some mistakes here and there, not a big deal though.
I think the last segment was worse than the rest, gintoki came out of nowhere in last fight and the coloring of his scene was different than the rest of the last fight, got me a bit confused lol you probably didnt have enough time.
Solid amv though. Good luck with future non ic works ;)



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[HakuRyuu] - Jigoku No Rakuyo (27/02/2017)
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