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 Kofuku No Akuma [11th @ Japan Expo 2017]

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Kofuku No Akuma [11th @ Japan Expo 2017] Empty
PostSubject: Kofuku No Akuma [11th @ Japan Expo 2017]   Kofuku No Akuma [11th @ Japan Expo 2017] Icon_minitimeThu Jul 13, 2017 1:35 am

Kofuku No Akuma [11th @ Japan Expo 2017] 1499638793-bann-hakuclipje
thnx Gasai :D
hello folks it's been indeed quite sometime since i've posted something in here :D , so here's my JE vid for this year which i'm really proud of having 11th place in it yaay :D , it took from me quite a long time to make (1 year more or less ) , it's all about a "demon who bring happiness for whoever needs it the most" , so i have choose & to make his appearance obvious i wanted to try doing so by showing how he'll affect on the others personalities & for that fact i chosen Shiki as the person he pursue , & to achieve that i tried my very best to realize this concept in a proper way (the reason why i dropped making it for both online contest & akross con haha xD) , to be honest the entry was supposed to be called Sakura No Kyoto first of all , but due to the fact that there's someone who was stalking that i have changed it to "eastern myth" , & later to Kofuku No Akuma which means "the demon of happiness" ( & yeah it's another japanese wannabe like name haha xDD ) ,  also i have indeed learned a lot of things to make my edit looks pretty much better on both editing & fx term & for that fact i would gladly thank everyone who helped me to make this vid finally done & specially Noormuda , Amanystya , Echotrooper & MagicDarkLight for being so patient with my slow advance in this project & for their precious feedbacks & Gasai for this awesome thumbnail :D so i hope u guys will enjoy watching my entry (despite the fact that i still have some issues i discovered after rendering lol xDD) & i hope i'll do a much better stuff next time :)
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Thnx Oxide :D
Kofuku No Akuma [11th @ Japan Expo 2017] 1501337412-sign-hakuryuu

Kofuku No Akuma [11th @ Japan Expo 2017] Tumblr_m81mwhi4aa1rolwtuo1_500
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Kofuku No Akuma [11th @ Japan Expo 2017] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kofuku No Akuma [11th @ Japan Expo 2017]   Kofuku No Akuma [11th @ Japan Expo 2017] Icon_minitimeSat Jul 15, 2017 7:32 pm

Hello! Thanks for posting your video here!
About the video, i enjoyed it a lot and i think it is your best video.
The concept was well fleshed out and editing was pretty nice.
Didnt like the twixtor at 2:00, some transition were a bit rough and some classing art styles here and there, but no big issue really.
I also think the video should have ranked a couple of places up, but oh well...
Good job and good luck with future videos!


Kofuku No Akuma [11th @ Japan Expo 2017] All_might_midoriya_enp_by_xberserkdrew-dbhhclb

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Kofuku No Akuma [11th @ Japan Expo 2017]
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