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 [ENP MEP] Incidamus (1/10/2017)

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PostSubject: [ENP MEP] Incidamus (1/10/2017)   Mon Oct 02, 2017 4:09 pm

Poster made by Ceirin

Editor's Words: This is the MEP we did for Zona's Lucky Star IC. We decided to go with a depression theme accompanied with black and white cc plus some "sin city" type of coloring. I think it turned out pretty well! Also good job to the new members Jose, iKuro and Reyzen for making their first ENP Mep part <3
Incidamus means Depression in Latin.

Part 1
- Mystyk (kokoro ga sakebitagatterunda)
Part 2 - DrunkenPony (koe no katachi)
Part 3 - Jose (zankyou no terror)
Part 4 - iKuro (kimi no nawa)
Part 5 - Reyzen (death parade)
Part 6 - ZoroIttoryu (orange)



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PostSubject: Re: [ENP MEP] Incidamus (1/10/2017)   Mon Oct 02, 2017 6:08 pm

my first enp mep ;3. I really liked the final result, goodjob everyone ;D

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PostSubject: Re: [ENP MEP] Incidamus (1/10/2017)   Mon Oct 02, 2017 6:55 pm

Hello old and new members!
First I'd like to say that I enjoyed this MEP very much, the flow between the parts was good and even though different styles did make me understand when a new part started, I still support the fact that you let people show their personal creativity! This is especially aimed at Josi, who made a really great part, which shined with it's bright but still subtle coloring!
I'd like old members to excuse me for giving them shorter reviews, it's time for the new members to get some love from me now. jk gab only you get love pls no stone

About my dear Heni and her part one, I'll say that I loved the slow and steady camera movement and very good use of blur to calm the beats. It is, though, very obvious that she is used to fast paced editing, as there as scenes which I'd call too "upbeat" for such a song and especially the first part. Yet, all that running and moving did give a nice desperation vibe, prepared me to face the rest, so props for that Heni!

Now we all know John made this 5 hours before the deadline. So I won't say much except that the movie you picked is PERFECT for a fast edit that still looks good - it is exactly what you did. I got bothered by a few very strong missed beats but that is something trivial anyway - what matters is that, overall, the part looks neat. And I wanted to cry at one point. Your part is the part that hit me, raw emotions, really nice.

Oh Josi, I waited for this one. I really love your part, and it is one of my favorite. Your coloring was top notch, I loved that light effect you had on the outside scenes, and even the idea is great. The only thing i'd mention is to be careful of mixing two anime if one of them is a memory. Because of the nature of the Angel Beats! clips, that part looked out of place and was even a bit too fast for the song. But let's get back to why I'm writing this.I was very wrong about you. You made this MEP shine, girl! Great job!

Heeello Kuro, or Ikuro as Heni makes you into a japanese ramen-selling man, my personal favorite part! I might be a little biased with Kimi no Na wa, but I loved your part for the smoothness that you brought to the MEP. I can see you experimenting, not being afraid of trying new things, and I absolutely approve of that! I think that, in ENP, you will grow to become a very special editor. You have it in you, and this part shows that. It's unique, looks simple and complicated at the same time, especially your sync, it was really, really exceptional. Great work!

Reyzen. I was so confused if i love your part for the perfect scene selection or for the real and true desperation outbreak. Heni prepared me, you killed me. Death Parade is a hard anime to edit imo, because the characters change and it's hard to keep track. But you did it! The only thing that put me a little down were the colors - sometimes wierd things would be colored, like skin going red cause you disabled orange and pink etc. Know that I am always there if you need any assistance with colors, i believe that this was MBL and I can help you to understand it better! :)

Oh hello Anturu, so, I won't join the hate-train, but i'll point out that Orange (he-he this paragraph is orange get it)is a perfect anime for this song, you made sure to pick the right scenes and use that juuuust right effect for the last scene, plus we all must have felt that "OMG LINKIN PARK I WANT TO CRY" because your part just couldn't mess up how good that part of the song was. We are all just spoiled and expect more from our leader(s) daily, but overall it was a nice finish of this already great MEP.

GREAT JOB MY FRIENDS!!!! I am proud of you all!

super gay colorful post lmao


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PostSubject: Re: [ENP MEP] Incidamus (1/10/2017)   

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[ENP MEP] Incidamus (1/10/2017)
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