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 Is Tobi Madara Uchiha?

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PostSubject: Is Tobi Madara Uchiha?   Tue Sep 27, 2011 8:08 pm

The biggest mystery in Naruto revolves around what's under Tobi's mask, and since he refuses to show it (more like Kishimoto is keeping it a secret), do you think that Tobi is indeed Uchiha Madara?


In my opinion. The "fear" theory,in other words the theory that Tobi uses the name of Madara in order to cause fear and earn respect, I think does not have many chances..I mean Tobi never recruited someone by using the name Madara.The only guy was Kisame but he did not follow Tobi but the "false" Mizuskage. Plus Kisame saw the face twice and he agreed to follow the Tobi/False Mizukage. The face could be a genjutsu though but I do not believe that Tobi would use the name Madara to make the others fear him and follow because noone joined him because of fear. For that reason I do not believe that real madara is in the 6th coffin. Ok if it was revealed that Tobi is not Madara what? What would he lose? Propably Sasuke but Sasuke was guarded by Zetsu that time. Also Sasuke would follow his plan of Destruction of Konoha weather Tobi is Madara or not.

Also after getting Rinnegan Tobi/Madara showed no fear about the 6 th coffin as he warned to kill Kabuto if Kabuto did not speak about Edo Tensei.

Also Zetsu calling Tobi Tobi (lolz what a sentence xD) shows that Tobi did not use the name Madara to make Zetsu follow him.

P.S This exists too (even though I did not notice it at first place..anyway):


What do you think???

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Is Tobi Madara Uchiha?
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