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 AMVCentral is live

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PostSubject: AMVCentral is live   Thu Dec 01, 2016 1:12 pm

AMVCentral is a new community type of forum by some old members of the A-M-V.org. Below Yue(one of the founders of amvcentral) explains what AMVCentral is and what's its purpose.

Why did you guys make a new website? What is wrong with A-M-V.org, AMVNews, or Youtube?

Well, the majority of us are coming from A-M-V.org to work on AMVCentral. While each of us has our own reason for leaving the Org, the primary thing we weren't happy with was the community. It was dying due to stagnation and the site staff let it die. While not everyone may agree with this opinion, it's how we feel about that particular site and why the majority of us are no longer active on it.
As for AMVNews and Youtube...Youtube doesn't really have any type of community resources. Sure, there are the comments and more studios than you can count, but there isn't really anywhere for everyone to congregate and have discussions, hang out, etc. Most of that happens off-site. And while a large amount of us do have AMVNews accounts and post on that site, we had the desire to build something ourselves that we could call home and welcome everyone from every community into.

Does that mean you're trying to create a new A-M-V.org? Will there be uploading?
While people seem to call us "The new Org" or refer to what we're working on in a similar fashion, that is not our goal and we don't really agree with it. Our goal is a community above all others. A-M-V.org is still (at least in my opinion) the safest place for AMVs and the best place to upload your videos. I still thoroughly endorse using their upload system what with YouTube takedowns still being a fairly common thing.
At this time we will not support uploading of any sort. While this is something that we have discussed a bit, if it does eventually end up happening it won't for quite a long time.

So is AMVCentral just a forum?
No! But the forum is a starting point for us. Our goal is to have 3 key aspects of AMVCentral....

The Forum - A place for discussions, contests, AMV sharing, and news.
A Main News Site - Lightweight with all the latest info on conventions, what is going on with the forum, and more.
A YouTube Channel - Content provided by AMV Editors, for AMV Editors. Anime and AMV Reviews, podcasts, tutorials, and more.

All of that sounds awesome! When is it all going to be done?
To be quite frank, I'm not sure when it will all be done. We're setting goals and trying our absolute best to roll things out in a timely manner but please remember that this is all volunteer stuff. Those of us working on the content are doing so in our free time and the majority work 40+ hour per week jobs. Some even have kids!
So while at this time I can not and will not make promises for time frames, I will promise to keep you guys informed and in the loop. And anytime you find us dragging our feet on a project I encourage you to call us out. Even if it's not the best answer in the world, we will provide an answer or status report of some sort.

I've got some skills and I think I might be able to help with at least minor stuff. Can I volunteer?
Yes. We are more than happy and willing to take in volunteers. We'll need people to assist with the forum, the Discord chat, contests, the main site, the channel and more. So while we might not need that help right this very second, we will never totally turn away someone eager and excited to help. We might hold on to your name for a bit until you're needed, but you won't be forgotten.

Visit the new site and support this new amv community  http://www.amvcentral.net/forums/



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AMVCentral is live
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