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 [MEP] Hunger by Fukanzen Sekai

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PostSubject: [MEP] Hunger by Fukanzen Sekai   [MEP] Hunger by Fukanzen Sekai Icon_minitimeMon May 29, 2017 9:39 pm

We are proud to say that we created one hell of a mep even though many people struggled due to final exams. Although this took many replacements, we managed to get this shit done and done right if I may add. Also, thanks to RayVMB and Liar for participating with us! (Liar made the thumbnail and Ray was a guest) Yet again, thanks for waiting this long to see this mep and we'll be sure to come back at you with another one
Song: Amaranthe - Hunger

[MEP] Hunger by Fukanzen Sekai J8btFA2
►Part 1: Incursix - Re Zero
►Part 2: Chaiberry- Punchline
►Part 3: Quiet - Boku no hero Academia
►Part 4: Incursix - Hunter x Hunter 2011
►Part 5: Neto- Attack on Titan
►Part 6: Faded- Sword Art Online
►Part 7: Kyou- Tales of series
►Part 8: Nicco - Death Parade
►Part 9: Baragaki- Fullmetal Alchemist
►Part 10: Akame- Mob psycho 100
►Part 11: Kuichi- Akame Ga kill
►Part 12: Z3ulex- Fairy tail
►Part 13: NBT- Blood Lad
►Part 14: Anbu - Gundam 00
►Part 15: Incursix - Danmachi
►Part 16: Eclipse - Kyoukai no Kanata

DL link soon
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PostSubject: Re: [MEP] Hunger by Fukanzen Sekai   [MEP] Hunger by Fukanzen Sekai Icon_minitimeTue May 30, 2017 12:23 am

Hello there new face(s),
Your MEP certainly seems to be full of energy, and that amount of hype it has is certainly a cool thing to have. However, I'm afraid that intensity and energy is all that this video has to offer.
You see, when you make a MEP with many parts, things could either go very right, or very wrong, and trust me it is so much easier to go very wrong.

The problem with this MEP is that the entirety of it, is about "Look at this zoom" or "Look at this overlay" "LOOK AT MORE ZOOMS!!!". Now I'm not saying that you can't use zooms or overlays or effects, but there has to be a point behind it. What are you trying to do? That point was clearly missed because I saw parts where a good half of them were just people raging, and the other half is too random to remember.
Add that to a very generic selection of anime and it's clips, and you have a MEP that is only being carried by the song. Which renders a lot of effort spent on the editing completely pointless.

My advice is to have longer parts next time. To give the editors a chance to focus on something, and to deliver an artistic image they might have.

PS: Yes, I'm a mean scumbag, and the things I say might not necessarily be true, and you may disagree with everything, but trust me I'd love to see you guys here again.

[MEP] Hunger by Fukanzen Sekai F1b0c410
[MEP] Hunger by Fukanzen Sekai 60d

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PostSubject: Re: [MEP] Hunger by Fukanzen Sekai   [MEP] Hunger by Fukanzen Sekai Icon_minitimeTue May 30, 2017 12:42 am

Hi :)
I decided to comment as my dear colleague up there might have discouraged you, so I just want to let you know that I loved it!
The flow was amazing, and so was the coloring.

I agree that the song carries this MEP, but these are aMv's we are talking about, the music is a very important asset to every video. Your editing complimented the song, and while the parts themselves don't carry a "message" or a meaning, I think it was not even intended - Action MEPs can either have a story, or flow, the ones who manage to have both we can only find in top places of contests. :)
Keep it up guys, maybe the next MEP will be "complete" and have the best of both "worlds" ;)

[MEP] Hunger by Fukanzen Sekai 0ca7dd8aab
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PostSubject: Re: [MEP] Hunger by Fukanzen Sekai   [MEP] Hunger by Fukanzen Sekai Icon_minitimeTue May 30, 2017 2:51 pm

Hello there, thanks for sharing your MEP here!

Wasnt really that bad for me, i think its a self aware action mep.
Some things i didnt like and i'd like to point out is that some anime didnt really fit the atmosphere of the song imo (example: boku no hero and death parade), also the use of text in the gundam part wasnt justified, the song didnt call for it neither it fit with the rest of the parts, i know the editor wanted to showcase some of his skills but it took away from the cohesion of the whole mep (wasnt a bad part other than that)
I would also like to comment the guy who did the mob psycho part, it was my favorite!

Overall im not not really a big fun of the what i call forcefull camera movements but it didnt put me off that much. I can see effort through out the whole mep!
Good job and good luck with future projects! [MEP] Hunger by Fukanzen Sekai 881517777


[MEP] Hunger by Fukanzen Sekai All_might_midoriya_enp_by_xberserkdrew-dbhhclb

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PostSubject: Re: [MEP] Hunger by Fukanzen Sekai   [MEP] Hunger by Fukanzen Sekai Icon_minitimeTue May 30, 2017 8:00 pm

Seeing as I'm one of the leaders thought I'd finally reply back :D
Thank you guys for the constructive criticism, only helps us improve.
Regarding one of the comments about the parts being too short, while I wasn't the host of the mep, the goal of that was to test out most of our new members seeing as we've held auditions recent to when the mep signup was uploaded and we wanted to give everyone a chance.
We are still relatively new so we are trying out different types of action edits with different paced rock songs to see what fits our style best, as you can see none of our MEPs are similar, or atleast I hope they aren't. Hope we impress you guys with our future edits as we don't plan to stop any time soon xD
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PostSubject: Re: [MEP] Hunger by Fukanzen Sekai   [MEP] Hunger by Fukanzen Sekai Icon_minitime

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[MEP] Hunger by Fukanzen Sekai
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